Nov 2, 2020 • 21M

Blessings of 2020

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Peter Esho
I’m Peter Esho and I publish podcasts here about socialy responsible investing. You can get my weekly notes at Socially responsible and ethical investing is area I’m increasingly facinated with, combining my passion for investing with my desire to also help make the world a better place for my children and their children. My goal is for you to take away weekly snippets from lessons I’m learning across impact and ethical investing.
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This year has been a year full of blessings. Sure, it hasn't been easy. Yet the fire we've gone through has forged many of us into steel. In this episode, I walk through some of the blessings me and my friends have experienced this year and how we have chosen to live in the moment, rather than look for easier days ahead. I bring you a great talk by Zig Ziglar, one which inspired me many years ago to make the most out of any situation. 

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