Sitemap - 2023 - Peter Esho

Podcast: Mental fitness and the power of positive leadership

Will the Americans do the right thing?

French resistance a warning to everyone else

Is a market correction around the corner?

Missing the forest for the trees

The Mexican standoff in commercial real estate

Outlook for interest rates and property prices

The reasons why Bitcoin is rising

The RBA pause and what comes next?

Mean reversion, cycles and the seasons of investing

Quicknote: Canadian inflation starts to cool, will it flow through elsewhere?

A historic week in Switzerland

The dangers of tech domination in banking

Quicknote: Rising rates finally cause large market cracks

Silicon Valley Bank collapse crushes bond yields

Australia and Canada could emerge in better shape than US

RBA more dovish in outlook, signals possible pause

Rate rises if pushed too far will cause cracks

Is it time for India's next economic growth boom?

Quicknote: Aussie and Canadian growth rate slips

Global housing holding up despite higher rates

Commodity prices painting a mixed picture

Quicknote: Clues from Canada's latest inflation print

Australian house prices show signs of bottoming

Stock prices supported by still strong earnings

Quicknote: US inflation is under control, but still stubbornly high

US housing market softening while supply falls in 2023

Jobs and the economy are a lot stronger than we think

Quicknote: RBA raises as expected but sounding cautious

Policy changes see return of foreign students

We're at the foothills of the next super cycle

Quicknote: Retail sales start to slip, higher rates are working

Japan is back...maybe

Quicknote: Aussie inflation numbers have a lag to them

Migration is returning to pre-pandemic levels

New data suggests we could be at a tipping point

Residential real estate prices are close to their cyclical bottom

What lies ahead for investments in 2023?