I’m Peter Esho and I write here about investment topics and themes which are catching my eye. On this site, we use a multi-asset, top down research approach and our views incorporate a long-term outlook based on in-depth thematic data.

Our vantage point from Sydney Australia gives us the perfect lens to identify trends emerging from the west and east, particularly China and India.

Peter’s research background

I started my investment career in 2004 working at one of Wall Street’s best known research houses - Morningstar Inc.

At Morningstar, I led equities research across a range of sectors including my speciality in small cap and emerging stocks. I initiated research on major companies that ended up becoming significant global players and prior to leaving, I worked on Morningstar’s launch into the direct investment market through SMA’s.

My career evolved from equities into more macro markets such as forex, bonds and commodities when I moved over to City Index in 2011 (now part of the StoneX Group) to become their Chief Market Analyst, Asia Pacific. This gave me the macro grounding to become one of Asia’s most sought after analysts, often appearing on Bloomberg, BBC and CNBC.

My entrepreneurial knack led me back to Invast Global in 2014, helping the well established Japanese trading firm set up their first international operation in Sydney.

As Chief Market Analyst at Invast, I worked with a great startup team to build Invast’s reputation in markets. Today they are achieving great things as one of the world’s leading prime brokerages.

Focus on innovation and markets

While working in markets, I developed a passion for real estate investing. Having learnt some great lessons at Morningstar, City Index and Invast, in 2015 I decided to build a real estate investment business.

After a few iterations and many lessons in between, today I am the Executive Chairman at Wealthi, one of Australia’s leading property investment companies. Wealthi is backed by VC fund Pi Labs in London and includes investors such as real estate private equity firm EG Private Wealth.

Wealthi | LinkedIn

I also oversee the operations Esho Group, a privately owned real estate development and investment company which specialises in properties along the East coast of Australia.

Community & philanthropy

In 2021, I completed Social Entrepreneurship studies at Oxford University so that I can give back to my community, particularly the Assyrian national cause. Assyrians are the indigenous people of Iraq and in 2022 I joined the Assyrian Aid Society Australia (AAS-Au) as their President.

AAS-Au is globally recognised as an NGO and a permanent member of the United Nation's Indigenous Peoples' Forum. 

Twice a year, I mentor at USYD’s Genesis start-up accelerator, a great social initiative which aims to encourage and reward entrepreneurs who have a connection to the university.

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Now writing on Substack

Macro investing is the basis for all successful decision-making. My passion is now here, helping you make sense of market movements and position yourself to best navigate this crazy world.

The pandemic taught us to deal with uncertainty. We’re still working out what the world looks like and how to things about macro market movements. So come along with me on this journey, as I journal my thoughts and ideas, often learning from some amazing mentors who have decades of experience between them.

So if you ever read something which you would like to comment on, please do not hesitate to leave your thoughts below. If you find something you like, share it with someone who you think will benefit.

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I'm Peter Esho and I write here about macro investment themes and insights. My views incorporate a long-term outlook based on in-depth thematic data.


Peter Esho

Peter is an experience entrepreneur and economist. He is the Founder of Esho Research, Co-Founder of Wealthi and regularly featured on ABC News, Bloomberg, CNBC and other major media outlets across Asia.