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Ending 2022 on a good note

Quicknote: RBA on track for soft landing in 2023

China's reopening will balance out real estate risks

Building the 2023 investment plan

Quicknote: Aussie monthly inflation slips back, indicating potential peak

Australia could become the Saudi Arabia of the Pacific

Quicknote: Aussie retail sales take a bigger than expected dip

China's economy to bounce back stronger than ever

Strong jobs market to drive global real estate in 2023

What if the global economy is much stronger than we think?

Quicknote: Aussie jobs market still red hot

Real estate market outlook hinges on inflation in 2023

Why the real etate forecasters keep getting it wrong

Quicknote: US October CPI is the start of an inflation uturn

We're in the eye of the crypto storm, what comes next?

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Opportunities to watch once the US dollar softens

Quicknote: Fed pivots, but not in the direction markets hoped

Quicknote: RBA maintains a sensible approach, a class act

Quicknote: RBA unlikely to signal panic ahead of potential Fed Pivot

Quicknote: Europe and Canada join Aussie caution

Outlook for real estate prices in 2023

Interest rate pivot could come in 2023 as data starts to soften

My investment outlook for October

Quicknote: As central banks raise rates, markets are starting to break

In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable

Don't pay too much attention to short-term market movements

My investment outlook for September

Things are slowing down, but thats where the opportunity lies

Interest rates will rise but cap out pretty quickly

Why this week's Aussie inflation numbers don't really matter

Interest rates and inflation are close to their peak

Latest on Australian interest rates and property market outlook 2023

Australian property market outlook 2023

What's going to stop interest rates from rising?

Will Australia Remain the Lucky Country in 2022?

Why is the price of everything exploding in value?

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How much higher can oil prices go?

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